Residents Society

Maintaining the vision and keeping McLennan a great place to live

McLennan has an active Residents’ Society to ensure it’s a great place to live now and in the future, where people know their neighbours and look out for each other.  This is reflected in the McLennan Charter [PDF, 353 KB] that was developed by the community.   

Owners become members of the McLennan Residents’ Society (MRS) when they buy a property at McLennan.  People living at McLennan can be involved as much or as little as they wish. The MRS offers a great opportunity to meet new friends and contribute towards building the McLennan community.

The Residents’ Society Constitution and rules

The McLennan Residents’ Society is registered under the Incorporated Societies Act, which means there are laws governing what they do.  There is a Constitution that sets out members’ obligations, such as payment of levies, the purpose of the society and rules which help protect investments and keep McLennan looking good and well maintained.

Resident societies are not common in most suburban neighbourhoods.  This offers a unique opportunity for neighbours to build a strong sense of community together, have shared goals and be well connected.

Purpose of the Society and who runs it

The Society is run by a MRS residents’ committee (volunteers) elected by members with the main purpose of:

  • Organising events and activities for building a community, a special sense of place and welcoming new residents
  • Maintaining common areas owned by the residents society, such as areas of open space and the pocket parks (this does not include private laneways or Council owned parks and roads)
  • Ensuring the rules are complied with, such as keeping your property maintained and in good condition and matters relating to noise and behaviour
  • Collecting membership fees and following the required legal processes.

Members get to vote on who the committee members will be to represent them, set the annual levies and how the money is spent each year at the Annual General Meeting.  Throughout the year the committee meet and work on the things that matter most to the McLennan community.  

Administration for the Society

Barfoot and Thompson Body Corporate Ltd have been appointed by the MRS as the secretary.  This includes, administering the Annual General Meetings, dealing with general correspondence and enquiries, financials, and letters in relation to the rules and constitution. 

Membership and annual levies

All owners become members of the MRS when they buy a property at McLennan.  This includes payment of an annual levy.  The levies go towards the bullets explained in the purpose section above.  Maintenance of the parks are a significant proportion of the levy.

If you are planning to purchase a property at McLennan, you will need to speak to your solicitor if you are planning to purchase a property at McLennan about these levies and familiarise yourself with the rules and the constitution.  These are enforced through an Encumbrance that is registered on the title and the requirement for owners to sign a Deed of Covenant. 

Who to contact relating to the McLennan Residents’ Society and community enquires?

Barfoot & Thompson Body Corporate
P O Box 78-397
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1245
Ph: 09 834 8425
Mob: 027 2000 653

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Page updated: 24 March 2021